The branding company australia pty ltd is now trading as 'Mimrox Australia'

Do you have a project idea in mind that you want to get developed as soon as possible but don’t know what to do or where to go?

Then you are at the right place. At Mimrox, we allow you to hire our Highly Experienced developers or team of developers for your project.

Now, when you hire them, they will solely work on your project for a given period of time. And they will be in touch with you throughout the working hours according to the IT industry standards. i.e. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The benefit of this process or service is “Great Reliability” that is needed at the time of developing for large or complex projects.

Benefits of Hiring Mimrox Developers on Hourly Basis:
Well Experienced:

At Mimrox, we have highly experienced developers working for us. Almost all of our developers have 4+ years of experience of working with clients and on projects.

If you will look to recruit developers with the same level of expertise then it would cost you lakhs of rupees. But at Mimrox, you can hire them on hourly basis and get your project developed in just few thousand rupees.

Good Communication Skills:

Our developers have good communication skills and due to this they can understand your project needs and goals very easily. Therefore, they can deliver you the project in the best possible time at a best possible price.

And that makes them stand apart from other developers out there in the market.

How it Works (Things to Remember):
  • The amount once paid is non-refundable. As the project will only proceed after the client approval.
  • You can “Hire Developers on Demand” for at least 6 months or at most 1 year.
  • As a client you can either hire an “Individual Developer” or “Team of Developers”.
  • The cost of the project will be calculated on: No of months given by developer * developers experience * technology demanded by client = Cost of the project.
  • Hiring Developers on Demand is strongly recommended for Big Projects.
  • It can be broken into: Connecting, Hiring, Paying, and Working.