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Pharma ERP

Who We Are ?

Enterprise resource planning is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology.

MedSoft provides total Project/Program Management, Research & Development, Testing/Compliance of HL7&DICOM and best-of-breed solutions for Healthcare systems. From initial exploratory consultations; through all stages of development and implementation; from identifying ‘best-fit’ solutions to training and on-going support, MedSoft provides professional expertise to clients. Our technologies are able to perfect the extraction of useful information from bi-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic formats. Our use of imagery analysis excels in bringing the best technology and tools to the market. Our expertise in specific healthcare workflows, processes, systems and technologies ensure a faster time to market and domain-intensive understanding. Our mission is to enable clinical staff to provide ultimate patient care, regardless of location and without compromising workflow, functionality or image quality. Our knowledge can develop new software packages in response to new and developing needs in the industry. Visionary in approach, our strategic aim is to revolutionise the way in which clinicians gain access to patient image data and to improve nomadic clinical workflows in the healthcare environment.

Included functionality in this Product,
  •   Company Management
  •   Department Management
  •   Users Management
  •   Category Management
  •   Unit Management
  •   Items Management
  •   Item Size Management
  •   checklist Management
  •   Bill Of Material Managament
  •   Customer Management
  •   Supplier Management
  •   Transporter Management
  •   Supplier Checklist Management
  •   Manage Sales and Purchase Order
  •   Manage Material Request
  •   Manage Inword and Outword
  •   Display Report
  •   GST Setting
  •   State Setting
  •   Year Setting
  •   Document type setting