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Recruiting a full time IT developer for a year having more than 4+ years of experience for a small project can cost you lakhs of rupees. And if you are someone who has a very limited budget then spending all your budget on just development by recruiting full time IT developer is not a Good Business Idea

Don’t worry.

If you have a small project or want to hire developers for a very limited or short period of time. Then you can take the benefit of Mimrox’s “Hire Developers on Hourly Basis” service.

When you Hire Developers on Hourly Basis from Mimrox then you just need to pay for the period of time in which the project is going to be completed by the developer.

And that will help you to save a lot of your budget that you would have spent it otherwise by recruiting a full-time employee. So now you can use that saved money from your development budget into advertising or marketing for that project.

Benefits of Hiring Mimrox Developers on Hourly Basis:
Well Experienced:

At Mimrox, we have highly experienced developers working for us. Almost all of our developers have 4+ years of experience of working with clients and on projects.

If you will look to recruit developers with the same level of expertise then it would cost you lakhs of rupees. But at Mimrox, you can hire them on hourly basis and get your project developed in just few thousand rupees.

Good Communication Skills:

Our developers have good communication skills and due to this they can understand your project needs and goals very easily. Therefore, they can deliver you the project in the best possible time at a best possible price.

And that makes them stand apart from other developers out there in the market.

How it Works (Things to Remember):
  • The amount once paid is non-refundable as the work on project will only proceed after the client approval.
  • At minimum, you can hire “Mimrox Developers” at just $5/hour and at maximum it can go up to $100/hour.
  • You can hire Mimrox Developer for at least 1 hour and at most you can hire them for 180 hours.
  • Hiring Developers on Hourly Basis is strongly recommended for “Small Projects”.
  • The cost will be calculated on the basis of: No of hours spent by the developer * developers years of experience & expertise * technology demanded by the client = Cost of the Project.
  • It can be broken into: Connecting, Hiring, Paying, and Working.