The branding company australia pty ltd is now trading as 'Mimrox Australia'
Are you looking for a UI/UX Designing Company ?

You must have heard the proverb “First Impression is The Last Impression” sometime or somewhere in your life. Let us tell you it is very true.

Most of the times, the first impression of your brand or business is what your clients always remember. And that’s why it is very important to make that first impression as amazing as possible.

The one thing that you can do to create this amazing first impression about your brand is get your website/app designed in that way. Because a poorly designed website/app leaves a very negative and very bad image to your clients about the brand and business.

And that’s why the UI/UX Design is important. Let’s look at some of the benefits of it.

Great UI/UX Design Benefits:
  • Your User Interface (UI) design is like the digital face for your brand and business.
  • Most of the people judge how you are going to treat them through your website/app design.
  • Your User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) design is like customer service representative.
  • It helps you to build trust and allows them to approach you.
Why Choose Mimrox ?

We have an experienced team of UI/UX designers that can understand your requirements and present you with a design accordingly.

Our team follows the most standard approach for UI/UX design. We focus on creating a well-structured and well-planned navigation for your website/app. So that the customers and clients can easily find anything that they are looking for in just a matter of seconds.

The UI/UX designed by us is responsive. So, no matter which device your customers use to visit your website/app, the design will not change due to change in the size of the device.

We design keeping in mind the “SEO Optimization” aspects for the website and app. Getting an “SEO Optimized” UI/UX designed will help you to rank higher in the Google.

Our team helps you in putting the visuals purposefully by planning the UI/UX design. Because too many images and videos on your website and app can make your design look very messy. And can distract your visitors and even confuse them. Resulting in visitors leaving the website/app.

Call to Action (CTA) is a very important aspect for any UI/UX design and we master it. We help you plan CTAs in a way that you can gain maximum benefit from it.

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We promise you would thank yourself for taking this step.