The branding company australia pty ltd is now trading as 'Mimrox Australia'
Are you looking for a Digital Marketing Company ?

Today people are looking for the products and services online. And therefore, your competitors are already there. They are doing everything that they can do in order to acquire more customers and increase their business.

Are you doing good enough to beat your competitors online/digital?

If your answer is NO. Then you are making a very costly mistake by not creating an unbeatable online presence.

We at Mimrox, can help you by providing all of the digital services that you will need to beat your competitors and conquer the digital space within your industry.

At Mimrox, we have a very high skilled and experienced digital marketing team. Our team is well aware of every aspect of Digital Marketing and its trends.

Below are the various digital marketing/online marketing services that we can help you with.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

If you have a website with no traffic, then there is no meaning of it. Now just to let you know, Google decides rankings based on more than 200+ ranking factors.

So now, you would have got an idea about the work involved in ranking a website on google and bringing organic/search traffic to the website.

Don't worry, we can do all that complicated work for you. And just by taking our SEO service you can increase your website's organic traffic (Google Traffic) dramatically.

The organic traffic (Google Traffic) is one of the best sources of traffic for long term. And therefore, the early you start the better it is.

Take our affordable SEO service if you are looking for long term traffic and higher rankings in Google.

Paid Marketing (Google Ads) Services

Can't wait for the traffic to come for too long?

Don't worry through paid marketing we can help you get traffic immediately. It is a really good option, if you are looking for short term traffic or instant traffic from google.

Today paid marketing is used by many big and small businesses to drive traffic and sales to their website on short term basis.

We at CS IT Park, can help you with paid marketing by doing that for you at a really affordable price.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) Services

Social Media is really important. And no one should ignore it. We can help you with social media optimization on your website. And that will make your website more social media friendly.

As social media optimization is also considered as one of the important ranking factors by Google it becomes even more important.

And by taking our social media marketing service you can reach and target your ideal customers on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Through our really good social media marketing campaigns you can increase your brand's awareness, traffic, and sales at the same time.

Email Marketing Services

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers or retain the old ones Email Marketing can help you achieve your desired digital goals.

Through targeted email campaigns you can generate traffic to your website and eventually increase your sales. Email campaigns are also important in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and clients.

Take our Email Marketing Service and achieve all of the above-mentioned benefits.

Mobile Marketing Services

This is one of the newest forms of marketing that has emerged brilliantly in the last few years. As people are adopting the mobile technology rapidly for their day to day activities, they are spending most of their time on their mobile devices.

Therefore, it becomes very important for businesses to run mobile marketing campaigns so that they don't miss their potential customers on mobile devices.

So, using our Mobile Marketing Services you can market your business, product, and service to your target audience's mobile devices.

Content Writing/Marketing Services

Communicating your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to your customers about your product and business is really important. And therefore, you should definitely consider investing in good content.

Many big and small businesses invest heavily in content marketing. And the reason is, content marketing provides them a very high ROI (Return on Investment).

If you are also looking for content writing/marketing services, just let us know.

Online Reputation Management (ORM Services)

Fake and negative reviews, comments, videos, and blog posts can hurt your brand’s reputation in a very terrible way. And that's why a proper check and monitoring should be done.

And that's where we can help you. Our Online Reputation Management service will help you to monitor your online brand mentions. And make sure that no fake comments and remarks hurts your brand value. Get in touch with us to know more about ORM Service.